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Multiple Filled Arch Expansion Joint

  • DFA ( Double Filled Arch
  • TFA ( Triple Filled Arch )

Multiple Filled Arch Expansion Joint, with two or three filled arches, is recommended for greater movement capability for expansion and contraction where face-to-face dimensions are not limited.

With filled arch construction, it prevents the collection of solid mate-rials that may settle and remain in the archway.

The Onyx Expansion Joints reduce and isolate vibration, noise trans-mission and compensate movements in alignment due to wear and load stresses.



  • Flanges: ANSI STD 125 lbs. Flat Face
  • Carbon Steel back up Flange 


  • Sleeve Elastomer
  • Stainless Steel back up Flange
  • Control Rods Unit

Valve Sizes

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